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Nashville Tennessee has a vibrant business community and over 609,660 residents, we are happy to be a family owned business able to help other families dealing with a death. As a family run name brand crime scene clean up business in the Music City, we take pride in that our work helps other families out when they have a death in the family. Its not a job for everyone, but we are people who always understood the profound need to have people in a city that understand fully how to assist a family when a suicide, homicide, or other death is in need of being cleaned up for our friends along the Cumberland River. The cleaning company called for blood present at a property is Crime Scene Clean Up Nashville.

Although Nashville Tennessee is a great tourist destination, and have very few murders, we do have our share of crime. Even with crime in the city this is not the only facet of cleaning that crime scene cleanup Nashville contends with. We are usually the first company called in when a family member has kill him or herself. A suicide cleanup in Nashville is done far too often but is an unfortunate need. The amount of blood that is splattered in a property have a person has shot themselves is both pooled in areas and splatted. Not to mention depending on when the human remains are discovered you still have decomposing body parts and human feces excrement. This all has to be cleaned in a manner that both protects the cleaner from safety issues such as infection of disease or sickness that can come from dealing with organic materials that allow bacteria to prevail.

Do you do Suicide clean up in Nashville at homes and hotels?

Yes, many people do not realize that we have over 500 hotels in Nashville, thats over a 115,000 rooms, please 30,000 vacation homes, and many other places people may rent. In our time we have discovered that a large amount of suicide's take place in hotels or rented properties because its damaging someone else's place. We have a lot of experience dealing with suicide cleanup for Nashville Hotels and your vacation rental property and can assist you.

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Do you clean up blood from a accident?

Yes, even though most blood cleanup in Nashville is usually related to a death; many times it could be a accident that results in blood loss. The blood is the main mischief here and it takes specialized equipment and knowledge as well as specifically developed chemicals to really attack the blood and get it cleaned up properly. Whether its an accident or death, we know how to do the blood clean up in Nashville that you are calling about.

Do you do anything besides cleaning up blood?

Yes, although crime scene cleanup is usually thought of as cleaning up a death scene, we also deal with many kinds of hazardous situations. We are one of the first companies called in Nashville Tennessee when sewage back up clean up has to be completed. Any kind of septic back up is important, and you will want people like us who have the right equipment to extract the feces and clean up the sewage and the best news of all is we are open 24 hours and can help you even in the middle of the night.

What is the cost of crime scene clean up in Nashville?

Crime scene clean up Nashville Blood CleanUp

Costs do vary due to the different types of categories for crime scene cleanup. We pledge to you that as a family owned business we will always try to advocate the lowest price. To get a real world picture of what you are dealing with in order to get a estimate we need you to call us so we understand what is going on and what the problem is that needs cleaned. Also, the staff here is fully prepared to help explain how crime scene cleanup Nashville can be covered by insurance, and what needs to be done in order to ensure this. At the end of the day we really need to speak with you and then we can find ways to help you, we are open 24 hours a day and welcome any calls or questions about Nashville crime scene clean up and cleaning.


I want to thank you for all you have done. You and your team did a fabulous job of making my house feel like a home again. I never thought I would ever need services for a crime scene clean up, but the care and compassion shown in a difficult time was phenomenal. Thanks again!

John Smith
Business Consultant

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